Gipsy Trail Club Commercial/Institutional Renovation • Carmel, NY • 2008
Gipsy interior great room
Gipsy Trail Club - Carmel, New York - renovation and interior design of existing facility
Gipsy interior great room wood ceiling
Gipsy entertainment room wood bar details
Gipsy woodwork details
Gipsy entryway tile flooring details

This was a complete remodeling and interior design of the existing Dining Facility. The Gipsy Trail Club is well known for it's Rustic Architecture. The owners desired the Dining Hall, which had fallen into disrepair and was not in the rustic style of the club, to represent the atmosphere of the Rustic Camp aesthetic, similar to the great Adirondack Camps of the late 1800's and early 1900's. A style that is still emulated today. Mackin Architects is known for working in this Camp style. The log structure is new and was added to give scale the large open space. The pine siding, with a medium stain, also helps to add intimacy. The huge stone fireplaces, of local stone, flank both ends of the great dining spaces, and echoes the rustic nature of the logs.

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